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Make Money with GoldenTowns

Make Money with GoldenTowns

Build an amazing town and win REAL CASH! GoldenTowns is a free online game that can be played straight from a browser like Internet Explorer. The game is a town construction, political and military simulator in which virtual gold can be exchanged for real cash or for real 24k gold

If you use to play free online browser games like Travian, Ikariam, Grepolis ectGoldenTowns is for you. It run fast at all computers. Goldentows gives you the opportunity to convert your virtual winnings in real cash

How to Start
In order to make your life easy, you need to follow at the beginning some simple rules in order to achieve and avoid rookie mistakes

Use and upgrade your initial buildings. Initial buildings don't need repairs and workers never die. Gather enough recourses and build the gold mine. This gold mine generates 0.5 gold coins per 24 hours. It is nearly 3 Euros daily of passive residual income. Exchange rate of euro/gold: 6.5

I must say there was no one right way to do it

Upgrading roads is the first key factor to upgrading your buildings.
Upgrading houses is the first key factor to upgrading your production buildings as you require more workers to man a production building with each upgrade.
Upgrading production building is the first key factor to upgrading your roads as you need to have a steady flow of resources to ensure you can keep up with the upgrade costs

Ways to Earn Gold
In GoldenTowns, players are exposed to a variety of ways to obtain gold. Either by exchanging goods in the market for gold, selling your workers for gold, selling your army, selling your shares/bonds, selling referrals for gold, buying gold from a gold trader and lastly by mining gold just like the way you collect goods from your production buildings

Strategies for Beginners
To find strategies that will help you establish a good daily income of recourses and gold, visit the "press" section at GoldenTows main page

I want to strongly recommend this amazing complex free online strategy game to all people who love game and earn money online. Even though your main intentions are to earn money, do not forget that this is still a GAME. So you should enjoy playing it

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5 Tips for Using Google Webmaster Tools

 Tips for Using Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools is a free toolset that’s absolutely invaluable for SEO trouble shooting

It’s pretty simple to set up, you just need to verify that you’re the site owner (there are a number of ways to do this, so just use the one that is best for you) and you’ll have instant access to an abundance of useful information that will help you to improve your website and your search engine optimisation (SEO)
Here are five tips that will get you started

Crawl Stats

Crawl Stats give you information in Google’s crawling activity for the last 90 day period. When you click into this report which is located in Diagnostics, you’ll see three reports

Pages crawled per day: Overall, it’s a good sign to see this graph going up. Whilst there are peaks and troughs, you’ll be able to see if there is a steady incline, decline or no change at all. Spikes in this report are often due to the introduction of new pages or an increase in inbound links

Kilobytes crawled per day: This graph should bear some resemblance to the Pages crawled per
day graph in terms of the peaks and troughs in the graph

Time spent downloading a page: This graph will be different from the above two and is likely (hopefully) to not show as many peaks. Peaks on this graph could be a server problem as in
the norm, Google should not take very long downloading your pages
These stats are useful for diagnosing problems and gauging performance issues

Not Found Errors

Not found crawl errors are very useful for usability & SEO. If customers are browsing around your site and finding that links are not taking them anywhere, they’re likely to get annoyed and go elsewhere. This tool (which is accessed on the top right of the dashboard) will identify all not found URLs in your site. Be aware, that this can sometimes be slightly outdated, and Google state

If you don’t recognize these URLs and/or don’t think they should be accessible, you can safely ignore these errors. If, however, you see URLs listed in the ‘Not found’ section that you recognize and would like crawled, we hope you find the ‘Details’ column helpful in identifying and fixing the errors

So don’t dwell too much on getting this down to 0 errors in GWT, just use the information to improve site usability

As well as links from within your site that are leading to a 404, this will also show you links from outside sites that are leading to a 404. This aspect is particularly valuable for SEO. Use this feature in GWT to do is identify the linked to pages within your site that no longer exist and redirect those pages to a real page within your site. This tactic will lead to increased link juice and increased visitors

Meta Descriptions and Title Tags

Google Webmaster Tools will provide you with a list of URLs that have problems in their title tags or Meta descriptions, this list will include duplicates as well as incidences of titles or Meta descriptions that are too long or too short. Go into Diagnostics and HTML suggestions to find this information. Duplicate meta titles, especially can affect your rankings within Google and meta descriptions should be snappy and targeted to each specific page to help CTR of each page on your site

Top Search Queries

Whilst you can get your top search queries out of Google Analytics or whatever analytics tool you use, I particularly like the Webmaster Tools version for the simple reason that it shows your average position within Google as part of the data. This enables you to look at your top search terms by position. The reason this is helpful is that when deciding which keywords to push, I particularly like to focus on the keywords that are currently in positions 2-4 as increases in positions at this level will have the most increased in traffic

Site Links

If your site had a list of links below its Google listing, you can use the sitelink section within Site Configuration to control the links that are shown. You can’t actually tell Google which links to show, but you can block links that you don’t want shown

These are just a few of the many tools available in Google Webmaster Tools and Google often add new features to this great tool. If you’re not a regular user of GWT, try these features out for size and look around to get used to other features on offer. If you are a regular user of GWT, let us know your favourite features and why

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Make Money Online With Online Forex Trading

Make Money Online With Online Forex Trading

There was a time when currency trading was something that only traders in gray suits can do. Thanks to the
internet, but those days are gone. It’s now quite possible for anyone who has little capital to invest to make money on the Internet, using the foreign currency trading

What is Forex Trading 

Forex Trading stands for foreign exchange trading. It’s based on the idea that the currency fluctuation, and that if you can buy a currency when it is low or ‘down’ and sell when it ‘s high, then you can make a profit in this trade. Most currencies are traded in the world market, and it’s much faster to make ( and lose ) money this way than it is to invest in stocks

Make Money Online With Online Forex Trading

How Do you Get Started

The first thing you need to do is to find a website that aims to help ordinary people to make money on the internet using the foreign currency trading. There are a lot of them out there, but you want to be sure that you choose a reputable site.
Most sites require you to provide a cash deposit minimum, usually about $1,000, and then you’re all set to start trading. It ‘s a good idea, however, to participate in a site that offers a training program, where you can practice trading using virtual money, before you start to use your own. These programs use market data in real-time to simulate what you’ve gained or lost, and it helps you hone your skills before wagering actual money on the trade

What needs to be done before using this Online Money Making Strategy

Aside from carefully investigated foreign currency trading site you plan to use, and to ensure that they have relevant training department, as well as the minimum balance you can live with, you should investigate foreign currency trading in general
There are a lot of complex terminology and terminology involved in trading foreign currencies, some of which can help you to safe guard your investment, find out what they are and how to work it must before you start trading
This type of method to earn money on the internet is great for someone who works, and has a steady income, but who would like to try their hand at currency trading. It lets you start making money on the internet and in the currency markets, even if you ‘re at home, in your living room with your laptop. It is also possible, if you’re a good trader, to make a great deal of money in a relatively short time

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AdSense program policies

AdSense program policies

Invalid clicks and impressions

Publishers may not click their own ads or use any means to inflate impressions and/or clicks artificially, including manual methods

Encouraging clicks

Publishers may not ask others to click their ads or use deceptive implementation methods to obtain clicks. This includes, but is not limited to, offering compensation to users for viewing ads or performing searches, promising to raise money for third parties for such behavior or placing images next to individual ads

Content guidelines

Publishers may not place AdSense code on pages with content that violates any of our content guidelines. Some examples include content that is adult, violent or advocating racial intolerance. Please see our prohibited content article for more information

Copyrighted material

AdSense publishers may not display Google ads on webpages with content protected by copyright law unless they have the necessary legal rights to display that content. This includes sites that display copyrighted material, sites hosting copyrighted files, or sites that provide links driving traffic to sites that contain copyrighted material. Please see our DMCA policy for more information

Webmaster guidelines

AdSense publishers are required to adhere to the webmaster quality guidelines

AdSense program policies

Traffic sources

Google ads may not be placed on pages receiving traffic from certain sources. For example, publishers may not participate in paid-to-click programs, send unwanted emails or display ads as the result of the action of any software application. Also, publishers using online advertising must ensure that their pages comply with Google's Landing Page Quality Guidelines

Ad behavior

Publishers are permitted to make modifications to the AdSense ad code so long as those modifications do not artificially inflate ad performance or harm advertisers

Ad placement

Publishers are encouraged to experiment with a variety of placements and ad formats. However, AdSense code may not be placed in inappropriate places such as pop-ups, emails or software. Publishers must also adhere to the policies for each product used. Please see our ad placement policies article for more information

Site behavior

Sites showing Google ads should be easy for users to navigate. Sites may not change user preferences, redirect users to unwanted websites, initiate downloads, include malware or contain pop-ups or pop-unders that interfere with site navigation

Google advertising cookies

AdSense publishers must have and abide by a privacy policy that discloses that third parties may be placing and reading cookies on your users' browsers, or using web beacons to collect information as a result of ad serving on your website

Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA)

If you implement any Google advertising service on a site or section of a site that is covered by the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), (a) you must notify Google of those sites or sections of sites covered by COPPA using the tool found here: http://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/coppa, or the method for apps described here:http://developers.google.com/mobile-ads-sdk/docs/admob/best-practices, and (b) you must not use interest-based advertising (including remarketing) to target: (i) past or current activity by users known by you to be under the age of 13 years or (ii) past or current activity on sites directed at users under the age of 13 years

Gambling content

AdSense restricts the placement of ads on gambling sites and gambling-related content. We have different policies for gambling content based on the country in which a publisher is located. Publishers outside a limited group of countries are not allowed to place ads on any gambling content or on any pages with links to gambling content. This includes any content that allows users to place bets or play games in exchange for an opportunity to earn money or other prizes

Product-specific policies

AdSense for content: Publishers may place up to three AdSense for content ad units on each page. Out of those three ad units, no more than one can be size 300x600. Publishers can place more than one of all ad sizes except the 300x600 on each page. In addition to three AdSense for content ad units, publishers may also place up to three link units and two search boxes on each page. These policies apply to both desktop and high-end mobile optimized sites
AdSense for search: A maximum of two Google AdSense for search boxes may be placed per page. Also, a single link unit or image ad only may be placed on pages with AdSense for search results. Queries must originate from users inputting data directly into the search box and cannot be modified. This includes pre-populating the search box with terms or hard-coding direct links to search results pages. AdSense for search code may not be integrated into any software application such as a toolbar

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What is Email Marketing?

? What is Email Marketing

Email marketing is a way to reach consumers directly via electronic mail. Unlike spam, direct email marketing reaches those interested in your business’ area of expertise. The information is sent out more like a laser-guided missile than a bomb: No matter what you’re selling, it is a way to reach thousands of potential customers directly at a relatively low cost when compared to advertising or other forms of media exposure. It brings your business’ message through an attractive mix of graphics, text and links directly to people who may have never heard of your business or considered your products, but are knowledgeable and interested in your business’ area of expertise. Once you understand-- what is email marketing?--you can start to implementing these practices to reach more customers

Email marketing

Email marketing also provides an easy way to track how effective it is. By keeping track of how many hits your website gets after a mass mailing, it’s easy to gauge whether this technique works for your company. It’s also a good way to guide existing customers back to your business. Many companies also provide an “unsubscribe” option for viewers in an effort to focus only on interested potential customers. Also, your company can opt to have a feedback mechanism where potential customers can tell you directly what they liked and disliked about a particular advertising campaign

Email marketing is a popular way for businesses to reach customers. According to the Direct Marketing Association, research firms spent over $400 million in 2006 on direct email marketing

Email marketing can be more than just text, rich media formats can provide images and give your product or service texture and flavor. In email marketing, you have the complete attention of the potential customer. Pop-up ads or other internet advertising often get in the way of what the potential customer is looking at: The content. But with direct email marketing the advertising is the content

The internet is the most popular way for people to gather information about products and services he or she is interested in. Maximizing your business’ capability to appear in internet searches through press release distribution and email marketing are effective tools in reaching your current customer and potential customers with essential information about your products or services. It’s a technique used by businesses worldwide and it can help your enterprise grow and establish a presence on the web
Email Newsletters

Email newsletters are an effective means of keeping your client base informed about the products and services your company offers. The email newsletter can be in the form of a press release, or it can include graphics and information about purchasing a product. Some email newsletters feature a coupon to entice customers to come back or take advantage of a special offer. It can be a regular way for your business to stay in contact with customers
Email Surveys

An email survey is material sent to your clients or potential clients asking for their feedback. It’s a great way to test a new product, service or idea. It’s also a great way to show the customer that you care about their opinions and are willing to work with them

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google adsense secret

google adsense secret

google adsense secret

By owning resell and giveaway rights, you may freely distribute this
report to anyone you wish, resell it for any price and keep 100% of the
profits, or use it as incentive to build your mailing list. The choice is
The only restriction is that you cannot modify this document in any
way without permission from the author

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Desktop Adsense Site Builder

Introducing… Desktop Adsense Site Builder

Who Else Wants To Add One More Incredible Automated ToolTo Their Adsense Niche Site Building Software Arsenal
Are You Ready To Start Building Your Adsense Niche Site Empire With The Push Of a Button
Desktop Adsense Site Builder

Have you tried creating a website once or maybe even more than once only to discover that it takes hours of your valuable time to get it online
Did you follow the “systems” out there to a “T” and still not achieved any of the results that you were promised
Would you like a way to create niche sites that doesn’t involve spending hours and hours before you actually make some money
If so, this new software is so simple to operate that a child can run it
From: Anders Eriksson

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PageRank Update Coming in 2-3 Days

PageRank Update Coming in 2-3 Days

Hey I am not the one saying it, the word is coming from Mr. Matt Cutts head of Google’s web spam team
As you probably know this is just an update of the nominal PR, the one you see on the toolbars. The real one is updated much more frequently, and that is the one that affects your search rankings
PageRank Update

There are people that say “Hey, I don’t care for PR anymore.” Well, I would believe the ones that don’t have any toolbar installed on their browsers to check the PR of the different websites around
Personally I do care for it. Not a lot, but still
You can’t deny that PR is a metric used by people to evaluate the trustworthy of a website. Some advertisers and site buyers also take it into consideration
Anyway, let’s see what will happen. I am hoping that some of my new websites will gain some PR from 0, and hopefully Daily Blog Tips will keep its PR7

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Earn Money By Uploading Files

Earn Money By Uploading Files

Earn money by uploading files is one of the best way to make money online.If you have some files you want to share with others, and you know a lot of people would download them, then you can make money uploading files

How does it work

Create an account from below of these sites, and do not worry, these types of sites usually professionals and secure. Because maintaining files is very important for you and for them, and chances ripped almost anyone.

Upload your files and get the link to provide you, now all you have to do is promote the link on some very popular places online such as Facebook, Twitter, TechCrunch, Digital Color and so on. As people look for what they need and then you will have the link, and when a certain amount of people download your file, it may eBook or your MP3 song, or any of your movies, you can earn money from the site where you uploaded the file
Earn Money By Uploading Files

Best Websites to Make Money By Uploading Files
uploadpay.com – UploadPay is the worlds leading PPD website. It allows you to cash in on up to $ 5.00 per download massive! Among its many advanced features you can actually choose your commission file downloads! UploadPay made it easy for new and experienced partners to earn large sums of cash revolutionary combination is another feature that allows your references to send a text message will pay you! With cash from minimum of $ 10 and payment via PayPal or Payza, UploadPay puts you in control of your profits

Sharecash.org – Get around 1 $ to $ 20 for each download. They support PayPal, Payza, Payoneer, Payquicker, bank transfer, and checks. Even better, they send the payments to the three all partners, and in 16 Premier their friends

Filecopter – you cloak S20 dollars per 10,000 downloads! Payments limit is very low – only 10 dollars, you get paid with Paypa

Turbobit – just upload the files to turbobit.net and share your files with friends, family and even strangers! You can be compensated for every download of your files or every time a premium companies are sold to customers you bring in

Dollarupload – this site has more options than just uploading files and earn money. It has the ability to create gateway to protect your site.
Filemates – an easy way to share your files and make money, minimum application fee of $5

Filemates – an easy way to share your files and make money, minimum application fee of $ 5

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Make Money on YouTube

Make Money on YouTube

Want to know how you can make money on YouTube? Many people are cashing in on the partnerships and affiliations offered through YouTube, as well as online ads strategically linked to videos on YouTube. Here are some great ways to create an income from YouTube

Sign up for a YouTube account is simple. All you need is a camera, a content platform consistent with the keywords that users assistance to your YouTube channel and earn the public by posting your videos online. Once you’ve created a good audience base, you can communicate with other channels and earn revenue through online ads and other partnership programs

Make Money on YouTube

 Create a Unique Channel on YouTube

If you run a small business, YouTube is a great way to bring new customers to yourwebsite, and sell your products. You can create a video tutorial from braiding hair, and unclogging a sink, to make those videos cute animal friends send you on Facebook. If you are a writer or in the field of creativity, you can put a unique series on the Internet. If you are an expert in making maple syrup or a strong interest in the history of watchmaking, and show your expertise and make educational video channel

Integration of Social Media

You can also develop your YouTube content, you want to get as much exposure as possible through the integration of your videos with Facebook, Twitter, Google+, your blog or website, and publish your video to other relevant sites. Will integrate the resources of your social media with your YouTube channel to create unique results are strong and steadily growing audience

Promoting the Company’s Product

If you have established a presence on the Internet, and a large audience, you can make some extra cash to promote products and affiliate programs. Let’s say you like a certain vacuum and used all over your home. You can make videos that promote a product by showing how it works or connect the product in the Description field on YouTubeGoogle AdSenseBuySellAds and Clickbank ads can help you make the most of your web space, regardless of whether you have a YouTube video channel, blogs or accounts and social media

Partner with YouTube

If you have a large list of YouTube subscribers (more than 500) and function constantly unique and sophisticated content, then it is highly recommended that you partner up with YouTube Partner Program. This program allows you to monetize more content, make strong connections YouTube, and access to a greater number of public and access to resources that can improve the quality of your YouTube channel. There are several requirements and rules of copyright, but well worth the effort

The most important thing to consider when you develop content for your YouTube channel is that content is king. Do your own research by looking at what content is out there and how they can differentiate from similar sites. Always be a constant theme or topic with your original content. Avoid the use of copyrighted material. Create your audience through the distribution of your videos over the Internet and social media